Nik Stevens:  Brewer, Resident Zymologist

Nik Stevens: Brewer, Resident Zymologist


has two great passions: talking about beer, and brewing an even better beer (well 3 passions...if you count drinking beer). A native of Roseville, Nik's 4+ years of home (and commercial) brewing have garnered not only accolades from fellow beer enthusiasts, but have also won him several beer awards. Nik has worked for Erik for a couple of years. So, when Erik asked Nik to co-brew with him at Red Bus, he was excited to have the chance to cut his teeth with their own system.

Why the passion for beer? Nik attributes it to the meeting point between engineering, biology, craft, art, culture, process, management, and most of all...delicious beer...."these are some of my favorite things. So how could I not fall in love with it all?"  

When Nik's not brewing an innovative new recipe (from memory), you'll most likely find him working with his hands: wood/metal/plastics/electronics working...he just likes making stuff. Or, you can catch him singing all the words to Panic! at the Disco's album, "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out." Test him on it....seriously, do it.

Favorite Beers: Moonraker's Citra Crush, Paulaner Munich Helles

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